Good News, Good Old Chimney Sweep Back

Once upon a time, many years ago, the good old chimney sweep was a very important member of the heavily polluted and crowded great cities of the world. He had been around many blocks thousands of times during his short life because his necessary and sterling work was always in great demand. There was no electricity back then and fires had to be lit every day and every night in order to warm often overcrowded homes and rooms.

Great and famous scribes of those times painted with their pen romantic pictures of the harsh lives and times of those great chimney sweeps. And particularly after the arrival of electricity, these marvelous men were considered to be something of a dying breed, both figuratively and literally. Literally because the work was hard and dangerous. Still to this day – and no, these great men are not extinct, they remain necessary to your home and work life – the chimney sweep Maryland technician has to mount roofs and walls in order to get to those chimney stacks.

chimney sweep Maryland

Particularly in commercial and industrial nodes, these stacks are extremely high. And yes, the work is quite technical today. Perhaps the perception among domestic consumers over the past years was that this was a service not so much in demand, perhaps not even necessary. Because of the availability of electricity, fires were not being made as often as they used to be in the olden days. But because of romantic and seasonal traditions, folks still like to prepare a fire during their coldest winter months.

And how is old Santa ever going to get down those chimneys with bucket loads of soot and broken tiles and bricks to contend with? Also, the modern chimney sweep does necessary roof repairs as well.