It’s All In The Labeling

Nothing captures a consumer’s attention like a company’s label adorning a car, truck, or van, cruising along the interstate.

Wherever that vehicle goes-down a highway, downtown to a restaurant, in front of the school, dropping the children off for class-there goes the company, too. The message, the product, the logo, are all right there, filling up eyes and capturing imaginations. If someone wrote a book on how to rebrand a company, advertising on vehicles using wraps would be prominent in chapter one. 

Of course, advertising on companies on vehicles isn’t new. Stock car racing has been using the model for years. So have New York City cabs. The difference is on in the wrap.

Before, company logos were painted on cars. Occasionally, magnetic lettering was used. There are problems with both of these methods.  Those problems are labor and time. Painting vehicles is incredibly labor-intensive, and time consuming. Lettering didn’t prove  much better.

Vehicle wraps cut down labor and time.

But perhaps the greatest strength of wraps involves something else.

In the hands of well-trained, experienced technicians, vehicle wraps can be changed quickly. They can ben changed in far less time than it takes to paint or letter a car, truck, or van.

how to rebrand a company

In today’s competitive market, companies must me limber and adaptive when it comes to messaging. That means the branding-all of it, including vehicles-needs to be adaptive, too.

Talented graphic artists with deep imaginations can create a new logo for a company in no time. Creative inspiration works that way.

Now, with vehicle wraps, the end-result of the creative process can be on-the-road, and on display nearly as quickly as those ideas are born.

Life moves as quickly as vehicles on an interstate. Wait. Look at that company’s wheels!